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23 July, 2010

Were all Workers.....

I am absolutely in love with the new denim trend that is popping up all over the streets of NY. It reminds me a bit of the 1950's and Rosie the Riveter, a decade which Mad Men is helping us to remember a little bit more. Levi's definitely has it right...

Levi's "We are All Workers" Campaign
Go to their website to learn more about how one city is working for change.

01 July, 2010

I don't care about you....

Funny that my last post was about relationships, especially since mine just ended. Quite ironic. In the disappointment and confusion about what went wrong, what I did, or what I could have done I find myself seeking answers. Although, when I answered them myself, truthfully no answer would have made me feel good. I let myself become vulnerable, let my guard down and opened myself up to someone, who I thought was opening up to me. But as the saying goes appearences are deceiving.

This led to more questions, mostly about me and what I need. Trying to figure out matters of the heart are truly some of humanities most insufferable trials.  I'm hoping to figure out a bit about myself during this period of my life, with a little help from Julie Klausner. I picked up her book "I Don't Care about Your Band", a compilation of things she's learned about dating and love at St. Marks Bookstore. 

Take a look at it for yourself, if not, I'll let you know how it is. Although I feel like I will continue to build those relationships which have already proven strong, with my friends, and maybe I'll open myself up to someone again and start a new one. 

16 June, 2010

We look at each other wondering what the other is thinking but never say a thing....

Lately I have been thinking about what makes this time here important, what is going to affect the way that I see the world. I've noticed even the smallest interaction with another person can change your whole day. I'm making an effort to acknowledge my relationships with other people, and feed them to see what they grow into. Even the slightest moment with someone can leave a lasting impression. 

When I work with women in my store I see that to be very true. I can inspire women to try something new, dare them to feel beautiful, and encourage them to love themselves. Each day I try to leave them with a lasting impression. But this is not only true in that circumstance but with every person you've encountered, lovers, friends, and enemies. How many people can you truly love? Do we ever truly hate? And how do the consequences of those relationships echo through the rest of our lives? Let each person you meet sink into your skin, through your pores and take them in. Think about them without opposition and see what it brings....

18 May, 2010


Accoutrement - 1 a : equipmenttrappingsspecifically : a soldier's outfit usually not including clothes and weapon

I am absolutely in love with this equipment, after all, we're all soldiers....aren't we.

Turquoise & Cacos by Essie Resort 2010

Boater Hat by Ron Herman on

Baltic Sandal by Dolce Vita at

Depner Ankle Boot by Aldo at

Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow Cat Eye Sunglasses at (SOLD OUT!)

Trust Handbag by Rebecca Minkoff at

See right thru me....

Top by Charlotte Ronson on

       Stripe Top at  Crochet Dress at

Mess Fringe Top at

My favorite trend of the God knows, I will be looking for ways to look and feel cool during the hot NYC summer.  It is so dangerous that the Pixie Market store is right around the block from my house. Needless to say, I'm in there quite often.

I will try to post some outfit pictures soon, but I have no photographer and unfortunately am a little technologically ignorant and can't figure out how to use my camera! Cross your fingers loves!


13 May, 2010

Need, Want, Do....

How do you satisfy and unsatisfiable mind? A mind that wanders from one thing to the next hoping and wishing that whatever happens to be next in the course of life will allow for a little stability and contentment, but no, it only holds my attention for a moment while I conspire an even better, bigger plan for happiness, creativity and acknowledgement.

I have kept my wandering attention span busy over the last few months, life changes, big moves and new beginnings mark what is to be a new chapter in my life. This amounts to new love, new experience, intense loss, uncertain future and aspiring dreams.

To turn a novel into a few short sentences, I've moved to NYC from SF. Trying to really live the life I have always wanted to experience for the last few years. Contemplating the future, my goals and how to truly feed my creative side through an exploration of the senses. Only sacrificing my goals for me, when I want, doing what I want, exploring how I can be a better person and if I am not a good one to begin with. It has been a long string of self-examination and exploitation to only move me to this answer.....I will never know the answer.

I am desperately and deeply involved in everything that evokes human emotion at this moment in time. I want other to feel the way I feel when I see/say/do something that makes me feel alive. (Alive being a very vague verb, meaning feeling any sort of emotion at all, pain, anguish, dispair, hope, joy, excitement being only some of those "feelings" I mentioned above.) Truly an exploration of what it means to truly be alive, from commitment to irresponsibility and strengthening new relationships and burning all ties to old ones.

Thinking about this and my blog, I feel as though I want my blog to be a realistic representation of my life. I'm not posing for the camera, this is how it is. No fancy make up or camera tricks, real raw experience. I hope that that is what I can portray....I at least need to record some small piece of this long, long journey.

23 December, 2009

Goodwill towards Men (and Myself!)

So, I know that the holidays are for sharing the things you love with the people you love, and showing them how much you love them, but I couldn't help helping myself to a little tidings and good will.

Lace dress from F21 (one of my rare finds when I go there)

Vintage Bag from Crossroads

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Top from Crossroads

A Mol Knits cashmere sweater, that I wore in the previous post also from Crossroads.

And a silver/malachite ring that I purchased from a hole in the wall store on Market. I love bargining with people!

Hungover for the Holidays....

Holiday season means holiday parties, and I have been to quite a few this past week. Thankfully, in two days it will rest until the 31st. Here is a little bit of holiday crazyness.

New friends, lots of wine, and dancing. (At least I think that is what I was doing!)

What I was wore: Mesh look cashmere sweater Mol Knits, Leggings: AA Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs

18 December, 2009

Thank god for Goodwill....

I recently got this rad puple skirt from Tahari at my local Goodwill location.

I also got a chance to wear a few other new items I picked up.

Striped tights: Topshop Shoes: the Tick Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell Skirt: Tahari Top: AA Viscose tee Jacket: McQ by Alexander McQueen

28 November, 2009

Im not in San Francisco anymore...

I went down to my parents house in Fresno for the Holidays, a long way from San Francisco. But there is nothing better for the soul than having good food and good conversation and lots and lots to drink with the family. It was cold and windy and very dusty so I wore some of my favorite sweaters.

Here is a look at my parents ranch and  my puppy Corey, (Also my Opening Ceremony boots.) Ready for the long train ride back home to my city.

Sweater: Vintage Jeans: J Brand Jewelry: Vintage Shoes: Opening Ceremony Bummper Bootie

27 November, 2009

Pleaure for the senses

One of my new favorite bands, the xx, have been playing on my ipod nonstop for the last week. The singers voices are so soothing combined with their ethereal music and synthesized beats have got me in a trance. Can't wait to see them live here in April. Oddly enough, they are also a bit of a style inspiration to me with their mod/punk look. They look like they should be a bad garage band but the contradiction between their look and sound intrigues me. I love it. Hope you do too.

They've inspired me to get some pieces like this:

Cross Necklace by Alex & Chloe at Dress at Dress by Maison Martin Margiella at Boots by Jeffery Campell Leather Jacket at and tights by American Apparel

23 October, 2009

Doc who??

I just ordered these bad boys today from Barney's in LA. Shipped express to me so I can wear them on Sunday.

Opening Ceremony Bumper Booties

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love. These make me want to go into combat....

Time Delay...

I know I have not done any posts in a while. I actually haven't done anything in a while. After I finished my line and had my show I have been wasting my time watching the new season of House and making amazing dinners with produce from my local farmers market. I'm becoming a mean cook now too! I work in the Mission district of SF and recently a new vintage store opened up on my route home. Bad, very bad. I walk in there nearly everyday after I get off. Here's one of my new pieces:


Dress: AA Tights: Drugstore Sweater: Vintage Ankle Booties: UO
I saw this oversized sweater there when I took my boyfriend in and bought it the next day after work! Right now, as it gets colder, I am in love with fluffy oversized jackets. I own 3 now. My other lovely pieces are being worn for my birthday this weekend. Let me just

04 October, 2009

Fringe Benefits....

Today was a long day of work, and then more work. I have been working on my line until the late nights lately, but on Saturday i will see the completion of it! The beautiful fringe necklace I have on here is courtesy of my neighbor and friend Sage Haight. (I have also promoted her to blog photographer!)

Necklace: DIY Dress: AA Slip & Belt: Thrifted Shoes:Pour la Victoire Cardigan: Aude Jack Mini Cardigan

30 September, 2009


Over the last few months I have been working on my first ever clothing collection. It has been a crazy stressful ride, with nights where I lie awake wondering if I'll finish, planning out the things I need to do ect. and finally it will all culminate in a week and a half at 111 Minna on October 10th.

Here is a sneak peak of my line...

28 September, 2009

Green with Envy....

Today I broke in my new AA bike shorts running around San Francisco shopping with my beautiful friend. After a time at Shotwell, H & M, and Bloomingdales we stopped by 111 Minna for a bite to eat at their 2nd annual EAT . The food was great, and 111 Minna is a beautiful art gallery as well. I had a great time styling my friend for a film she will be in in NYC next month.

The Dude is my neighbor...Jimmy.

Hat: Urban Cardigan: Aude Shirt: Splendid Shorts and Necklace: AA Tights: ???

New Beginnings....

I have decided that I need to do a major wardrobe overhaul.....My closet still looks like I just graduated from college. I feel I have a lot of work ahead of me, considering the fact that I don't think I own one single basic. But from here on out I'll be searching the ends of the earth, well, at least San Francisco for a more, "professional" wardrobe. (And by professional I don't mean just basic black, I just mean no more crop tees and cut off jeans.....although, they'll still have a small place in my heart! ♥ )

Mission Notes: high rises and high heels, stripes and zippers, nude and black

I'll leave you with a recent purchase of mine...

Dress: H & M Booties: Vintage Chanel Belt: Vintage - Thank you to by beautiful friend at Ver Unica on Hayes Street for turing me onto that store!

Mission Statement...

While searching around the blogosphere, I have begun to realize that I am not holding my blog up to its original purpose. While I wanted to blog about events and shows around San Francisco and fantastic San Francisco style mavens, I feel, as I have always felt, that fashion is an outlet for emotion and self realization. When you wear something fantastic you percieve yourself in a different way, perhaps different than you've ever seen yourself and when you truly feel great everyone can see it in the way you smile, the way you say hello, even the way you walk. This feeling can radiate through ever aspect of your life. So instead of cronicalling events, I would rather take you on an adventure through the medium of clothing. As well as following me as I attempt to create a name for myself through my designs.

Inspired by the beautiful bloggettes I follow my first mission, re-do my wardrobe into one cohesive vision. Ugh, I'm preparing for a bumpy ride.

5....4.....3....2....1.....Lift Offf......

09 September, 2009

Top it off...

I just love the fact that blazers make it soooo easy to look chic....
Take this outfit. This was my running around San Francisco doing errands on my only day off without a car or muni pass outfit.
Tres chic...
Blazer: MQ2 Shirt: AA Pants: Immatation of Christ Shoes: Payless City Sneakers
(Keep an eye on these sneakers....I feel some DIY coming on!)

Lost and Found....

I found this picture of a debut party for Harputs Own line at a local SF store, Shotwell while I was browsing the old picture files on my computer.
I absolutely adore this dress, but it is vintage 1960's tea length so I have to wear it with my most enormous heels to get the correct proportion.
Dress: Vintage Cardigan: H&M Headband: Own Design Shoes: Marc Jacobs Collection All Jewelry: Vintage

Summer of Love...

The Treasure Island Music Festival is coming up in a couple of months, just in time for my birthday! I am planning my outfits now accordingly. One day is a little more hip/hop  electro, and the other is more indie rock and folk. So I think one day will be NY underground party kid look and the other will be along the lines of Cochella boho princess. I'll  be sure to post what I will be wearing. (My birthday month usually means excessive amounts of shopping)

The bands I am looking forward to seeing on Saturday are: MSTRKRFT, MGMT, the Streets, Passion Pit and the Limousines.

Sunday: the Decemberists, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Yo La Tengo, the Walkmen, Bob Mould and Sleepy Sun.

I can't wait! Decemberists are definately number one on my list!!!

30 August, 2009

Hot at work...

Looking back at this post, the outfit was much cuter than the picture portrays.
Blouse: See by Chloe Skirt: Vintage Moschino Belt: Thrifted Cuff: Vintage Necklaces: Erica Weiner Sissors necklace Shoes: Urban Outfitters

29 August, 2009

In (Ax)cess....

If you think that accessories make the outfit, these ones will make your year.....

Silicon Rubber fashioned jewelry.

Found/natural object and unusual fibers.

Balmain-esque without the Balmain price. Pour la Victoire Angelique Booties

In Captivity. YSL Cage Boots

Alexander Wang (who else!?) Oversize Duffle Bag