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01 July, 2010

I don't care about you....

Funny that my last post was about relationships, especially since mine just ended. Quite ironic. In the disappointment and confusion about what went wrong, what I did, or what I could have done I find myself seeking answers. Although, when I answered them myself, truthfully no answer would have made me feel good. I let myself become vulnerable, let my guard down and opened myself up to someone, who I thought was opening up to me. But as the saying goes appearences are deceiving.

This led to more questions, mostly about me and what I need. Trying to figure out matters of the heart are truly some of humanities most insufferable trials.  I'm hoping to figure out a bit about myself during this period of my life, with a little help from Julie Klausner. I picked up her book "I Don't Care about Your Band", a compilation of things she's learned about dating and love at St. Marks Bookstore. 

Take a look at it for yourself, if not, I'll let you know how it is. Although I feel like I will continue to build those relationships which have already proven strong, with my friends, and maybe I'll open myself up to someone again and start a new one.