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16 June, 2010

We look at each other wondering what the other is thinking but never say a thing....

Lately I have been thinking about what makes this time here important, what is going to affect the way that I see the world. I've noticed even the smallest interaction with another person can change your whole day. I'm making an effort to acknowledge my relationships with other people, and feed them to see what they grow into. Even the slightest moment with someone can leave a lasting impression. 

When I work with women in my store I see that to be very true. I can inspire women to try something new, dare them to feel beautiful, and encourage them to love themselves. Each day I try to leave them with a lasting impression. But this is not only true in that circumstance but with every person you've encountered, lovers, friends, and enemies. How many people can you truly love? Do we ever truly hate? And how do the consequences of those relationships echo through the rest of our lives? Let each person you meet sink into your skin, through your pores and take them in. Think about them without opposition and see what it brings....