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23 October, 2009

Doc who??

I just ordered these bad boys today from Barney's in LA. Shipped express to me so I can wear them on Sunday.

Opening Ceremony Bumper Booties

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love. These make me want to go into combat....

Time Delay...

I know I have not done any posts in a while. I actually haven't done anything in a while. After I finished my line and had my show I have been wasting my time watching the new season of House and making amazing dinners with produce from my local farmers market. I'm becoming a mean cook now too! I work in the Mission district of SF and recently a new vintage store opened up on my route home. Bad, very bad. I walk in there nearly everyday after I get off. Here's one of my new pieces:


Dress: AA Tights: Drugstore Sweater: Vintage Ankle Booties: UO
I saw this oversized sweater there when I took my boyfriend in and bought it the next day after work! Right now, as it gets colder, I am in love with fluffy oversized jackets. I own 3 now. My other lovely pieces are being worn for my birthday this weekend. Let me just

04 October, 2009

Fringe Benefits....

Today was a long day of work, and then more work. I have been working on my line until the late nights lately, but on Saturday i will see the completion of it! The beautiful fringe necklace I have on here is courtesy of my neighbor and friend Sage Haight. (I have also promoted her to blog photographer!)

Necklace: DIY Dress: AA Slip & Belt: Thrifted Shoes:Pour la Victoire Cardigan: Aude Jack Mini Cardigan